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Stonehenge spring equinox

Spring Equinox 2020 – The First Day of Spring

Friday, 20th of March is when the Spring Equinox will occur in the UK to welcome in the first day of spring, 2020. In other parts of the Northern Hemisphere, depending on where you live, it will occur on the 19th of March or the 21st. This year will be the earliest astronomical Vernal Equinox in 124 years. The last time spring arrived early was in 1896.

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Top 10 Spring Bulbs

Spring bulbs herald the beginning of spring with a stunning burst of colour and fragrance. Say goodbye to winter and add some springtime cheer to your garden with these top 10 spring bulbs.

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Ten Easy Annuals To Sow

Annual plants are an excellent way of bringing colour into your garden and the best time for sowing them is in the height of spring from March to early June.

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