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Winter Evergreens to Support Wildlife

Winter can be challenging for wildlife, with food sources and shelter to protect against the harsh winter weather in short supply. Adding plants which sustain wildlife through these demanding months will both benefit birds and insects and create an inviting view to your garden.

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Winter Flowering Plants

Now is the ideal time to start planning and planting out suitable winter tolerant plants to add joy and cheer to your winter garden

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November Garden Pottering

November is here and with it comes the chance of early frost. The focus this month in the garden is protecting plants and wildlife from the cold winter months ahead.

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Mediterranean Statement Plants

Mediterranean and sub-tropical plants are the perfect way to add an exotic touch to your garden. July is the perfect time to invite guests over for barbeques and summer parties. Impress your guests with an exotic Mediterranean touch to your outdoor entertainment space. With these three statement plants you can bring the glamour of the […]

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pyramid trellis design

Pyramid Trellis Designs and Uses

Pyramid trellises are an often underutilized element in garden and landscape design. In this article, we’ll explain how these unique and relatively inexpensive trellis designs can add a visual punch to your yard.

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