Month: March 2020

Stonehenge spring equinox

Spring Equinox 2020 – The First Day of Spring

Friday, 20th of March is when the Spring Equinox will occur in the UK to welcome in the first day of spring, 2020. In other parts of the Northern Hemisphere, depending on where you live, it will occur on the 19th of March or the 21st. This year will be the earliest astronomical Vernal Equinox in 124 years. The last time spring arrived early was in 1896.

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Garden law fence boundaries

Garden Law on Fence Boundaries

After a long winter of stormy weather, you may wake up one morning to find that your neighbours garden fence has blown over, exposing your property. What can you do if your neighbour refuses to repair the damaged fence?

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Gardening in March

Gardening in March is a busy time as the weather warms up. With the last of the morning frost and the arrival of spring, now is the time to start planting.

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