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Gardening in March

Gardening in March Daffodils

What to do now

Gardening in March is a busy time as the weather warms up.  With the last of the morning frost and the arrival of spring, now is the time to start planting. 

Fertilise beds digging compost and fertiliser into the soil to prepare the ground for the growing season.   Add support structures and repair any existing ones now.  General maintenance tasks like resurfacing paths and repairing fences.  Re-pot and fertilise house plants. 

Lawn Maintenance

Mowing the lawn
  • Mow the lawn. 
  • Tidy up the lawn edges. 
  • Rake the lawn to remove moss and leaves. 
  • Lay new turf. 
  • Prepare the soil for seeding. 

The grass is starting to grow again now and will need a lot of attention.  Preparing the lawn for re-seeding or laying new turf should be done now to give the ground a chance to settle before laying a new lawn. 

While mowing the lawn take time to trim the edges and rake over to remove any dead leaves and moss build up.  Brush the lawn with a stiff broom to remove any worm casts.  Towards the end of March apply a nitrogen rich lawn feed and fertiliser. 

Beds and Borders

Gardening in march, spring bulbs
  • Prepare the soil by digging in fertiliser and compost. 
  • Start sowing seeds for spring flowers. 
  • Sow and plant out hardy annuals in beds and borders. 
  • Deadhead winter perennials. 
  • Prune overwintered shrubs. 
  • Prune Roses. 
  • Start planting summer flowering bulbs. 

Dig over beds and borders adding a good quality compost and fertiliser.  Top up pots and containers with fresh compost ready for planting flowers when the weather warms up.  In early March you can start sowing seeds under cover in a greenhouse or indoors ready to plant out in the garden.  Some hardy annuals and perennials can be planted into their flowering positions.  Tender summer flowering bulbs can be planted out now as the ground warms up. 

Prune winter flowering shrubs and shrubs which will come into flower towards late spring and early summer.  Prune and tidy roses to encourage healthy growth and lots of flowers. 

Vegetable Garden

Spring vegetables
  • Dig over the soil and remove any weeds. 
  • Add compost in with the soil for a nutrient rich base. 
  • Cover the prepared soil to keep it warm and dry. 
  • Start sowing seeds ready to be placed outside. 
  • Feed and mulch fruit trees. 

Continue to sow vegetable seeds indoors or in the greenhouse while gardening in March.  A good selection of vegetables can be grown now that the weather has warmed up.  Tomato, cucumber, pepper, celery and French beans can be grown from seed indoors during March.  Vegetables like carrots, lettuce, spinach and radish can be sown outdoors in a sheltered position and under cloches for added protection. 

Weeds and Pests

House sparrow

Dig over beds, borders and vegetable patches removing weeds, dead leaves and insect eggs and larvae.  Prepare for slugs and snails to invade the garden and protect young seedlings. 

Encourage beneficial insects into your garden by planting marigolds, nasturtiums, coriander and dill.  These will attract ladybirds, butterflies and hoverflies who will feast on pesky aphids. 

Continue to put out bird seed and fresh water for garden birds to attract them into the garden.  Local birds are great for natural pest control and simply a pleasure to watch and enjoy. 

Happy pottering. 


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