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Top 10 Spring Bulbs

Bluebell woodland

Spring bulbs herald the beginning of spring with a stunning burst of colour and fragrance.  Say goodbye to winter and add some springtime cheer to your garden with these top 10 spring bulbs. 

Top 10 Spring Bulbs Which Are Easy to Grow


Crocus flowers often signify the arrival of spring.  One of the springs early bloomers can be seen sprouting out of lawns, flowerbeds and woodland.   

Crocus Flower

Crocus is a hardy perennial which thrives well in poor or good quality soil but dislike waterlogged areas.  Plant in full or partial sun position. They are well suited to shaded areas around deciduous shrubs and trees where the sunshine can still reach them.  Spring and autumn crocus look their best when planted in a natural setting.  They are stunning in rockeries, containers, under trees and scattered throughout a natural lawn.  Spring and autumn crocus are the perfect addition to any wildlife garden. 


The well-loved daffodil is one of the most well-known spring bulbs.  With its bright, cheerful yellow trumpet flowers, the daffodil looks stunning planted in beds and borders, woodland gardens, decorative lawns and pots.   

Daffodil top 10 spring bulb

Daffodils will tolerate most soil conditions and enjoy a full to partial sun position.  They are easy to grow and low maintenance. Lift out after the flowering season and replant ready for next spring.  Daffodils look great in a vase to brighten up indoor spaces and make wonderful gifts. 


Another bulb which symbolises the beginning of spring.  There are so many varieties and colours to choose from. 

Tulip Flower top 10 spring bulbs

Tulips make ideal bedding plants and thrive equally well in containers.  They prefer fertile well-drained soil, in a full sun position.  After the flowering seasons, tulips can be lifted out. Store in a warm, dark, well-ventilated place ready for planting out again in the autumn. 


Hyacinth is a great spring bulb.  Grown in beds and containers they reward you with beautiful displays of colour and a deep fragrance.   

Hyacinth Flower

They are easy to grow, hardy and tolerant of cold weather.  Hyacinths perform best in fertile well-drained soil in a full sun or partial shaded position.  After flowering they can be lifted out.   The bulbs can be divided and stored in a warm, dry environment. 

Lily of the valley 

The lily of the valley is a charming, delicate little flower which is easy to grow and very hardy to weather and soil conditions. 

Lily of the Valley flower

This is a partial shade loving plant which will also happily show off its blooms in a moderately sunny position.  Otherwise known as May bell flower, they prefer a fertile well-drained soil and look great grown in clumps under trees and shrubs and rock gardens.  This is spring bulb can be lifted out after flowering. Divide and store until the autumn for replanting. 


Allium bulbs are perfect for adding height and variety to flowerbeds.  They have large bulbous heads of small purple flowers which are attractive to spring pollinators. 

Allium Flower

Plant in a sheltered but sunny position with fertile well-drained soil.  Alliums are drought tolerant and do not like soggy soil as this can damage the bulbs. Leave them in the ground to become well established. 

Winter aconite 

Winter aconite, contrary to its name is a spring flowering bulb which is very attractive to spring pollinators.  They will carpet the flower bed with brightly coloured buttercup flowers. 

Winter aconite

They are easy to grow and maintain.  These small tubers need a protected area with partial sun and fertile well-drained soil.  They look great in beds and borders, on a natural lawn and under trees and shrubs.  They will thrive when left alone. 


Iris flowers will a beauty, height and structure to your beds and borders.  There are many varieties to choose from and all of them are easy to grow and care for. 

Iris Flower

Usually planted out in late summer, iris flowers prefer a full sun position with well-drain soil.  They do not tolerate soggy soil as this can damage the rhizomes.  Iris flowers are prone to overcrowding and it is beneficial to lift them out after flowering and all the foliage has died back.  Divide the bulbs and replant in either the same location or choose a new site. 


Bringing an end to winter and welcoming the spring season, snowdrops carpet the ground with their brilliant white flowers and vibrant green leaves. 

Snowdrops.  Top 10 Spring Bulbs

This early spring bloomer is very easy to grow and maintain.  They thrive in partially shaded positions especially under trees and shrubs with moist fertile soil.  Replant snowdrops after lifting and dividing to avoid the bulbs drying out.   


The iconic bluebell can be seen carpeting the ground in woodlands and gardens throughout spring.  These beautiful wildflowers are easy to grow and are a great source of nectar for spring pollinators. 

Bluebells.  Top 10 Spring Bulbs

Bluebells thrive in a woodland environment.  They love a partially shaded position under deciduous trees where they can enjoy the early sunlight before the trees begin to unfurl their leaves.  Bluebells multiply quickly and can take over the garden if now maintained regularly.  Lift out the bulbs after flowering.  Wait until the leaves have begun to yellow because bluebells use the sunlight to photosynthesise.  They should be replanted after dividing them so that the bulbs do not dry out. 

Spring flowering bulbs are planted in borders or containers in mid-late autumn.  However, most shops and nurseries sell seasonal bulbs which are ready to flower.  This means that you can plant your chosen top 10 spring bulbs now and enjoy their sensational and fragrant flowers and be rewarded the following year with more. 


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