Potted Christmas Trees

Potted Christmas trees are becoming a popular choice for bringing festive cheer into the home over the holiday season.

A living tree provides a fresh pine fragrance to the home and a potted tree with a healthy root ball has the added advantage that it does not drop the pine needles.  The three most popular trees brought in the UK are Norway spruce, which is the traditional tree brought to the UK during the Victorian era.  Nordmann fir which has become popular over recent years due to its famed needle retention and the Frazer fir which is similar to the Norway spruce in appearance but with the needle retention on the Nordmann fir.

The 3 most popular potted Christmas Trees

Norway spruce 

Norway spruce christmas tree

Norway spruce is a beautiful low maintenance evergreen.  It grows into the traditional triangle Christmas tree shape quickly, reaching a standard Christmas tree height in about 3 years. The soft needles are light green and fragrant but can be a little sharp at the point.  In springtime the tree boasts clusters of pollen rich stamen which turn from red to yellow then after pollination change from green to brown cones.

Nordmann fir 

Nordmann fir Christmas tree

The Nordmann fir boasts a bushy symmetrical shape with colours of dark green with hues of blue and white under the needles and long brown cones in the Autumn.  Nordmanns are growing in popularity as an alternative to the traditional Norway Spruce due to their needle retention.  They have dark green needles, which are soft to touch and will fill your home with a subtle natural aroma.  The Nordmann fir needles have a wax coating making them an ideal option for people who are sensitive to allergies.

Fraser fir

Fraser fir potted Christmas trees

The Fraser fir is the perfect choice of tree for attaining the traditional look of the Norway spruce with the needle retention of the Nordmann fir.  It is ideal for small spaces and apartments due to the tree having a narrow base while still being dense and bushy enough to withstand lots of festive decorations.  The Fraser fir exhibits deep rich colours with a citrus aroma and dark purple cones when the tree is young.  Fraser fir is becoming a firm favourite at Christmas owing to its versatility and traditional appeal.

Keeping your potted Christmas tree healthy

Christmas trees grown in pots will be limited in their size depending on the size of the pot and they may only live for a few years as they are not suited to pot cultivation.  There are some ways to improve the life of your potted tree if you wish to use it year after year. 

  • Keep your potted tree outside until ideally a week before Christmas when it can come in to be decorated
  • Keep Christmas trees away from heat sources such as radiators when they are in the house.
  • Water regularly to avoid it drying out.
  • After Christmas move the tree outside, in a sheltered position to help it acclimatise to the outside temperatures again.
  • Re-pot the tree into a larger pot in early spring.
  • Remember to feed the tree with a good quality all-purpose fertilizer containing nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium.
  • Potted trees can be planted into the ground in a shaded spot and with care can be taken out again next Christmas.  However, this can be difficult to do without damaging the tree.  

Potted Christmas trees are an ideal choice for those with limited room.  They make wonderful gifts for children and friends to keep and display each year.  Placing a couple of decorated potted trees in the front garden will create a welcoming festive display.

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