Winter Flowering Plants

Winter is finally upon us and there are many winter flowering plants worth considering to add some vibrant colour to the garden during these cold winter months.  Winter can be harsh for garden wildlife with food in short supply and little shelter from the once abundant foliage in the garden.


For an inexpensive and easy way to add a burst of colour to the garden, winter flowering pansies are ideal.  Pansies should be planted from late September onward, while the soil is still warm and frost free, but pansies can be planted as late as early November.  The more pansies you plant together the better they will survive and thrive during the dreary winter months.


winter flowering viola

Violas, like pansies, perform equally well in the winter garden. They are ideal for planting in hanging baskets and containers.  They are perfect in beds and borders when most of the summer flowers have all died off.  These delicate but hardy little flowers can easily withstand frost and snow and will brighten up any winter garden.


winter flowering cyclamen

The dainty winter cyclamen comes in a range of colours and will bloom from autumn and throughout the winter months.  This elegant self-spreading plant thrives in cooler temperatures with less light.  With their ivy like leaves and colourful delicate flowers, cyclamen make a great choice for ground cover in shaded beds and borders throughout the cold winter months.


winter flowering viburnum

Viburnum is the perfect shrub for the winter garden.  This evergreen plant showcases clusters of fragrant flowers in pink or white.  This is an essential winter shrub because it also provides a much-needed supply of food for garden birds during the winter with an abundant of red and black berries.  These berries can however be poisonous to small children, so care should be taken when planting viburnum in the garden. They can grow up to 4-5ft in height with an equal spread and are a wonderful low maintenance shrub to provide colour to the winter garden and a habitat for the wildlife.


winter flowering hellebore christmas rose

Hellebore is a firm winter favourite with their long lasting, late seasonal blooms.  The Christmas rose is a hardy perennial is easy to grow and maintain.  This evergreen adds colour to the garden with vibrant green leaves and rose like flowers which come in a variety of colours from pink to white.

There are many more winter flowering plants you can purchase to brighten up the garden and add interest during these cold, dull months.  Heather come in a variety of colours and add texture to the garden.  Winter aconites add a layer of low-lying yellow flowers to beds and borders.  Clematis is a winter flowering evergreen which adds height to the garden with cream, bell-shaped flowers.  Honeysuckle is another climbing plant which provides colour, fragrance and food for the garden wildlife during the winter months.

Now is the ideal time to start planning and planting out suitable winter tolerant plants to add joy and cheer to your winter garden not just for you but for your natural garden visitors also.

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