Stunning Autumn Centrepieces

Bring the outdoors into the house this autumn with beautiful flower displays. 

As summer begins to fade, bring your garden into the house by adding seasonal flower displays and centrepieces.  Enjoy the scent of fresh flowers and brighten up empty spaces with stunning centrepieces in a celebration of autumn this year.                                 


Hydrangea posy

Add a touch of garden ambiance to a room with a potted hydrangea.  They perform equally well as cut flowers in a vase.  Hydrangea macrophylla (the mophead hydrangea) is a good variety to choose for growing and displaying indoors.  Hydrangea is a showy plant with big round clusters of small flowers that come in shades of blue, violet, white and pink.  They make great house plants and are easy to care for, or as a unique gift for someone special they are equally breath-taking displayed in a beautiful vase.


Chrysanthemum, stunning autumn centrepieces

Chrysanthemums are the classic autumn flowers for brightening up gardens.  There are many colours of mums to choose from and they come in a variety of size, height and bloom times.  Chrysanthemums are a wonderful garden flower and they also create attractive cut flower displays in vases and bouquets.  The word chrysanthemum comes from the ancient Greek Chrysos (gold) and anthemon (flower).  Go bold this Halloween with a warm orange chrysanthemum centrepiece or create elegant Halloween decorations. 

Hellebore Christmas Rose

Hellebore Christmas Rose posy

It`s never too soon to start thinking about Christmas. I`m always trying to think of new ways to bring the outdoors in, especially during the build up to the holiday season.  Holly, mistletoe and pine are usually the plants used to decorate homes with.  The hellebore christmas rose is often overlooked and yet can create a warm, soft display as cut flowers.  When paired with red berries and leafy green foliage, hellebore will make stunning autumn centrepieces and unique garlands or wreaths.

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