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September Garden Pottering

What To Do Now

The September garden is generally cooler as the weather becomes milder.  This month is a good time to prepare for autumn gardening tasks.  The weather can be changeable in September from mild, warm days to wet and chilly.  There are lots of tasks to keep you busy in the garden this month from planting spring-flowering bulbs, pruning perennials and shrubs and a bounty of harvest in the vegetable garden.

Lawn Maintenance

  • Mow lawns less frequently and raise the mower blades for a longer cut. 
  • Now is a good time to create new lawns and improve damaged ones. 
  • Brown, dry patches damaged by the sun will begin to repair  with cooler weather and rain.

Beds and Borders

  • Divide up perennials.
  • Plant out new perennials for the September garden.
  • Take cuttings from perennials for next year.
  • Continue to deadhead and cut back plants such as roses and dahlias.
  • Tidy up hanging baskets, deadheading and watering regularly.
September garden hanging basket

Vegetable Garden

  • Plant new strawberry beds with runners.
  • Harvest raspberries.
  • Harvest apples and pears.
  • Remove dead foliage and add to compost.
September garden apple tree

Weeds and Pests

  • Now is a good time to remove weeds from problem areas using ideally an organic weed killer.Keep checking for powdery mildew, eelworm and white rust.

September is the month when summer begins to give way to the onset of autumn. Now is the time to think about the garden wildlife and frequent visitors. Although this is generally a month to tidy up fallen vegetation, it is a good idea to adopt a more natural approach. Leaving some seeds on plants such as sunflower seeds and rose hips will provide the perfect nutrition for resident garden birds. Creating a habitat for amphibians by piling up logs and sticks around a small hollow in the ground. Plant wild flowers and weeds with attractive flowers around the small structure to create a frost free habitat that will provide shelter for wildlife and beneficial insects.

Happy pottering.


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