Garden Pottering in July

What to do now

July brings long warm days that continue late into the evening perfect for garden pottering after work, hosting barbeques, garden parties and splashing in the pool.

There’s plenty to keep you busy in the garden during long summer days in July.  This is the month to be frequently deadheading flowers, lawn maintenance and cutting out new shoots on fruit and vegetable plants to encourage new growth and more crop yields.

Lawn Maintenance

  • Mow lawn weekly.
  • Keep lawns well-watered.
  • Keep on top of weed control on lawns.

Garden Pottering in the Borders

  • Water plants in the evening to reduce evaporation.
  • Cut back and tidy hanging baskets to encourage new growth.
  • Deadhead bedding plants to encourage more growth.
  • Take cuttings.
  • Give Wisteria its summer prune.  Wisteria needs to be lightly pruned in the summer to encourage healthy growth next year.
  • Make sure tall plants and climbers are well supported.
  • Water at dusk to reduce evaporation and use mulch to retain moisture.
  • Cut back faded perennials to keep borders tidy.
  • Cut back growth in hanging baskets to encourage further flowering.
  • Take cuttings from favourite shrubs and perennials.
garden pottering

Garden Pottering in the Vegetable Patch

  • Harvest crops regularly to encourage plants to produce more.
  • Pinch out and trim Tomato shoots to encourage airflow and prevent disease.
  • Feed Tomato plants.
  • Pick Runner beans before they become stringy.
  • Earth up Potatoes adding more compost to cover the tubers.
  • Harvest potatoes after they have flowered.
  • Peg down strawberry runners for new plants next year.
  • Pepper plants will benefit from being put in larger pots.
  • Dry or freeze herbs for later use in the year.
  • Check for cabbage white butterfly eggs on brassica.
  • Clear away diseased and spent foliage from vegetable plants.
  • Clear away weeds.
  • Check regularly for pests.
garden pottering

Weeds and Pests

  • Keep on top of those pesky weeds, frequently removing them.
  • Check for aphids removing them regularly.
  • Check for vine weevils.

Damp down in the greenhouse to increase humidity and deter red spider mites. Open doors and vents during the day to ventilate. Create shade in the greenhouse to protect plants from overheating.

Remember on these hot summer days to provide a fresh water source for garden birds.

Let me know in the comments what wildlife is visiting your garden this month.

Happy pottering.

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