Garden pottering in June

What to do now

June is here and my garden has burst into life over the spring months.  Time to start thinking about hanging out baskets overflowing with Begonias and tending to my vegetable garden.  June is the month when everything begins to flourish.  The lawn needs a weekly haircut and the weeds and pests need to be kept under control.  What better excuse to get out in the garden for some lazy day pottering?

Garden lawn maintenance, green grass

Lawn maintenance

Lawn care is essential this month as the weather becomes warmer. Regular mowing and spiking the lawn will encourage thicker growth. Topdressing the lawn with a mix of quality compost and sand will improve the soil quality. Applying a layer of topdressing will also help to retain moisture during the summer months.

 summer border display

In the garden borders

  • Lift out and divide bluebells and snowdrops after the foliage has yellowed and died down.
  • Deadhead and check the supports of your roses.
  • Cut back and deadhead other spring-flowering perennials to prolong the flowering season.
  • Stake out and support tall standing perennials to protect them from wind damage.
  • Pinch back Autumn bloomers.
  • Prune and tidy evergreens and spring blooming shrubs.
  • Plant out summer bedding plants.
 fresh strawberries

In the vegetable garden

  • Pinch out side-shoots on tomato plants and add supporting stakes.
  • Harvest lettuce, radish and other salad crops.
  • Plant out cabbage, kale and chard.  Beans and carrots.
  • Protect berries with netting, personally I like to share my berries with the garden birds, just not too many.
  • Harvest strawberries.
  • Continue planting out seedlings every two weeks throughout the summer season.
  • Provide shade and a good air flow for greenhouses to keep them cool.
Garden pests, snail on leaf

Weeding and pests

  • Last chance to really get in those borders and the veg patch to remove weeds before the garden flourishes into full bloom.
  • Check the underside of leaves for bugs and aphids.  Wipe them off regularly to control infestation.
  • Now is the time to be on high alert for slugs and snails. 

House plants need some love too so remember to feed and water them.  I like to give them a little garden daytrip on mild days.

Butterfly garden

Create a butterfly and bee friendly habitat with lots of attractive pollinators and shade.  Don’t forget to look after the birds and give them fresh water daily in a bird bath.

Let me know in the comments section what pottering plans for the garden you have this month.

Happy pottering. 

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