Month: May 2019

Making a Sunflower Den

Making a Sunflower den in the garden is a fun activity to do with children. Kids love planting sunflowers

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3 Easy Homemade Fertilizers

Homemade fertilizers are a cheap and environmentally friendly way to feed your plants. It will encourage growth and crop yields and even discourage garden pests and plant diseases.

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Garden Pottering in May

Spring is in full bloom and the garden is springing to life. Time to get out the May pottering check list. Houses plants need some love too and this is the ideal time to repot house plants in fresh soil. I like to give them a little day trip into the garden on mild days at this time of year.

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Hydrangea Special Offers for May!

Hydrangeas are very floriferous from the month of May and give colour to the gardens for months. They will allow you to create beautiful flowering borders and even very beautiful hedges tinted blue or pink, or to ‘frame’ a house.

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Strawberry plant

Companion Planting for Strawberries

Companion planting is a great natural, organic way to protect your juicy homegrown strawberries as well as encourage their growth and produce even sweeter crops.

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