Making a Sunflower Den

Making a Sunflower den in the garden is a fun activity to do with children.  Kids love planting sunflowers because they are fast growing, low maintenance and full of vibrant colour.

The common sunflower blooms in late summer, growing on tall, stiff stems which can reach up to 10 feet tall.  With their large colourful flowerheads, they are ideal for creating a unique shaded den in the garden.

Making a sunflower den is an easy, fun activity for all ages to get involved in.  You will need sunflower seeds which grow to at least 6 feet tall. The Mammoth Russian is a good choice, growing 9-12 ft or Soraya standing 6 feet tall. Adding other sunflower varieties such as a dwarf sunflower like Little becka or a climbing plant like Nasturtium will add extra colour, texture and interest to tempt in the butterflies and bees.

Sunflower den directions

  • Mark out where the sunflower den will grow.  It can be any shape but ideally should be at least 6-8 feet across.
  • Loosen the soil around the marked area, leaving an area clear for the doorway and plant the sunflower seeds 6 inches apart and 1 inch deep.
  • You can add supporting canes and string to form the structure that the sunflowers will grow into.
  • Cover the seeds with a rich, loamy compost and water the seeds daily.
  • After a week the sunflowers should start to grow, reaching their full height in about 10 weeks.
  • As the flowers grow weave them through the structures support guides, carefully joining together at the top. Place mulch around the bases to keep weeds and grass from competing with the sunflowers.

An interesting addition to the den would be to plant a bed of Chamomile inside the structure for a soft scented floor.  

Making a Sunflower den is a simple and fun way to showcase these happy summertime flowers.  Enjoy picnics in the den, sipping homegrown Chamomile tea and snacking on sunflower seeds.  Don`t forget to save some of those sweet treats for the birds and the bees.

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