Hello garden lovers

I love my garden. It is my favourite place to be, with the calming scent of Lavender and the joyful symphony of bird song .

I love gardening, I love cooking and I try to maintain good health for myself and my family through fresh, home-grown, organic food.

I would love to own acres of land to live the homesteading lifestyle but I live in the suburbs with a small garden. I don’t let my lack of land stop me from growing my own organic food and even try out some traditional medicine recipes. Growing my own fruits, vegetables, herbs and wild plants gives me some control over what I consume.

I started this blog to create a space where I can write articles that inspire and educate me, as my kitchen garden develops and grows. Discovering inventive ways to use the space I have both indoors and outdoors. Understanding how different plants and insects can work together to create harmony in the garden. Hopefully, along the way this blog can encourage others to use the space they have to add a little bit of nature into their lives.

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