Day: 20 April 2019

Summer Bulbs to Give Vibrant Garden Displays

Summer flowering bulbs are the secret to creating stunning colour to your garden through the summer season. Plant your bulbs and tubers into beds, borders or containers in spring after the last of the frost has passed.

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Garden Law, Know Your Rights

It is important to note that laws concerning property varies between different councils and certainly different countries. These are some basic guides to garden law. You should always check with your local council before addressing any of these issues. Guide to Garden Boundaries Garden boundaries are usually shared between neighbours. The title deeds to your […]

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Shade-loving Annuals, Perennials and Bulbs

Most gardens have that untouched area of shade that is neglected when the rest of the garden is majestic in full summer bloom.In small and in particular townhouse gardens, shaded areas can seem difficult if you desire a beautiful garden full of vibrant fragrant flowers but there are plenty of plants which actually prefer damp or dry, shaded positions.

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