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Gardening in August


August is a busy time for gardeners. With the hot summer weather beating down on the garden, watering and maintenance are essential jobs. Watering potted plants and vegetable patches along with keeping ponds and bird baths topped up with water. Pruning, weeding and harvesting summer fruits and vegetables.

#Flowers #Garden-loving

Black Spot On Roses


Black spot on roses is a common disease which infects our prized and cherished roses. Diplocarpon rosae is a type of fungus which develops black spots on the leaves of roses. The leaves turn yellow and drop off weakening the plant and infecting nearby rose bushes.

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Moss On Lawns


If left untouched, moss on lawns will continue to spread, taking over where your beautiful lawn once was.  So how do you control the moss? 

Moss will grow under the perfect shady, moist conditions.  There are steps you can take to improve those conditions and take back control of your garden.